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Fairlambs of Allendale

This website contains information about the family tree and history of the Fairlambs of Allendale.

Ingelby Holiday Cottage

Fairlambs have been connected with the East Allen valley for at least 400 years. Thirteen generations of the family who lived, worked and died in this small dale—in the northernmost county of England—have been uncovered.

That association continues into the twenty-first century despite emigrations to places as far apart as Canada and South Africa.

The six sons of Llewellyn Fairlamb

The Fairlamb sons pictured in 1913 at the backdoor of the Post OfficeResearch is principally concerned with the paternal ancestry of Llewellyn Fairlamb (b.1878) and the descendants of his six sons.

The last of Llewellyn's sons (pictured here c.1912) died in 1982 but family links to the area remain strong.

Sheila Bell (née Fairlamb) began the family research in the 1980s using parish records and oral recollections and the results were featured in a Hexham Courant article in 1999. My own connection is derived from the maternal side of my family.

This website contains the bulk of the information that we have gathered up to 2007, together with some contextual information about Allendale itself.

The Great War

Poppy The lych gate of Allendale church is dedicated to those from Allendale who served in various wars. Recently restored in 2007, the names of the fallen include my grandfather's uncle and comprise a list of 24 men.

The results of research into Septimus Fairlamb and his fellow soldiers have also been included in this site.

American Fairlambs

US flagA site about Fairlambs in America can be viewed here. It has been researched by Ethel Dougherty and contains information from 1700 to the present.

Discovering the parentage of the first Fairlamb immigrant to the New World—a Nicholas Fairlamb who sailed from Stockton-on-Tees in 1700—has been a long-held aim. Recent evidence suggests he was born in Hexham, the grandson of a Nicholas Fairlamb of Bishopside in Eastalandaile (Allendale). More research needs to be done to confirm the link.

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